flowers from The Buddhafield

I have this whole fantasy project brewing (manifesting?) that involves an urban cohousing permaculture type project where I can live and grow food and keep bees and maybe chickens and I really wouldn't mind having a goat too, truth be told. A few weeks back on a neighborhood walk with my favorite baby friend--Frankie-- I found my dream location, an unoccupied craftsman with a freakishly huge yard shielded by the largest laurel hedge I have yet encountered. The garden was blooming in a seriously epic way, which really effects us Pacific Northwest people because it's been gloomy and rainy for 6 months straight and we've been all depressed and full of ennui and a tad lethargic and then suddenly it's sunny and beautiful and nature is exploding and fecund and intense and honestly.... it makes us kind of insane. So. I picked some of the flowers, because it's unoccupied and it seemed okay and I couldn't resist and it's better to ask forgiveness than permission.