Traffic Box Wrap, Image made from Mushroom spore prints. Tacoma WA. On view on Marine Drive, S 38th & McKinley, and 6th Ave & MLK.


Portrait Shoot

Noctina poses as Ursula the Pregnant Sea Witch at Salmon Beach in Tacoma :)

TBT: Author Charles Bowden

Going through a box of old negatives from my days as staff photographer for the Tucson Weekly, I came across these portraits of author Charles Bowden. I loved being a newspaper photographer, every week getting a call from the art director with a list of adventures. We spent all day in his desert garden, talking about border politics, his adventures and an investigative journalist in Mexico, Cooks Illustrated, and a rare night blooming cactus that grew in his backyard with white blooms as big as a dinner plate. RIP Charles Bowden.